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The Topps Company, Inc. is an American company that manufactures chewing gum, candy, and collectibles. Based in New York City, Topps is best known as a leading producer of American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and other sports and non-sports themed trading cards.

A former employee says, "My time at Topps felt like working in a frat house. They were all good people just way to extra. My position was not what I had expected. I went into the role expecting more of a creative function and not so much data entry. I feel that was what I had applied for, I could be mistaken. The job was entirely data entry. The hours were extremely long. I enjoyed the people, but not my experience here."


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Former Employee - Sports Editor says

"Where to begin, salary is terrible. Working with the ABMs and BMs was fine but working with individuals above them was awful. Totally disconnected from what is happening at the lower levels. Always trying to blame whoever they can when things go wrong... Raises denied, except for that 3% merit increase. Management says they want to see to more out of a group, then take credit for ideas that clearly were not theirs. Denied an exit interview, why?"

Freelance Illustrator says

"Pay severely late and sent only after hounding. Non-monetary compensations damaged or lost. Low pay rate to begin with."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay, bad benefits, no recognition, low raises, low or no bonuses, too many higher ups, too many unqualified employees and managers, bad human resources, very high turnaround, unorganized, mismanaged department expenses, treated poorly"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where do I even begin. Place is underpaid all over. License for NFL product is gone. Upper management gives no insight into what is happening. Moral is low"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Absolutely no advancement - Upper Management is disconnected from employees - Archaic structure - Not enough money to take on new interesting marketing projects - Not open to new ideas from employees, unless it comes from manager - Beware of sexual harassment from upper management - HR takes the side of Upper management over the employee"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"Huge turnover rate "Teamwork" is a joke High school popularity contest No advancement Low Pay"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management lacks vision, stifles creative thinking and refuses to accept responsibility for problems at the top while being quick to lay blame on their subordinates. Poor intra-divisional cooperation and communication and the quick turnover hurts productivity. HR puts on a good face but always favors senior leadership over employee concerns and does nothing to address problems; that they've gone through 4 human resources directors in 5 years is a bad sign. Annual excuses for bonus and raise freezes despite using these perks as recruiting tools. If you do somehow manage to squeeze a raise out of them, they want you to kiss their feet for rewarding your hard work. Management once asked employees to come into the office after a snowstorm despite the building having NO HEAT. Forced and phony team-building exercises, lame transparent attempts at building morale (Free Pizza!) despite lower-than-average salaries and a lackluster benefits package. Very little opportunity for advancement unless you're one of the favored few. Nepotism is rampant. I have never seen a more beleaguered, unappreciated workforce under more uncaring leadership."

IT Support says

"Bad leadership, a lack of unaccountability, a distinct lack of professionalism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No executive team vision despite numerous changes at the top and acquisition by a major entertainment industry icon. Culture is old school and lacks any innovation."


"Oppressive work enviro, CYA mentality, Management disconnected from the day-to-day"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"This plant in Scranton is the worse place i have ever worked. It is a very hostel environment.Stressful and your co-workers are very old fashion and not up to date with new ways of learning. They love to tell you how they get it done and expect you to do it there way or no way. As long as the work is getting done it shouldn't matter how you do it. They want to be in your business to talk smack which is very unprofessional. The job is easy but the employees is what turned this plant into a hostel work place. Theirs to much fighting and arguing."

App Producer (Former Employee) says

"Interesting job to try out, but all in all not for me. I want to do important work that makes a difference in people's lives; this job didn't do that.Casual work environment, work from home flexibilityLiterally on call 24/7/365; it's digital trading cards, not neurosurgery"

Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I would wake up at 530 every morning to work at a small bakery. i loved my co- workers. I learned how to handle food as well as to prepare desserts. The owners were very nice and taught me a lot. I was in charge of opening or closing the bakery. I believe that the hardest thing about the job was not being able to get a break. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the other girls. They were all so friendly and I made a lot of new productsno breaks"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"My time at Topps felt like working in a frat house. They were all good people just way to extra. My position was not what I had expected. I went into the role expecting more of a creative function and not so much data entry. I feel that was what I had applied for, I could be mistaken. The job was entirely data entry. The hours were extremely long. I enjoyed the people, but not my experience here.Convention attendance and travel opportunities, volunteer opportunities, employee awards and recognition, attentive HR, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401k, referral bonus, life insuranceatmosphere"

Product sales strategy development (Former Employee) says

"I was working 7 days a week, every week, with no overtime options. Management was well aware that everyone at my level was working 14 hour days on holidays and did not get days off because they job required us to work everyday. The position was sold as extremely creative but it ended up being mostly data entry.benefits and salary were great if you didnt break it down hourlywhat we were actually making per hour"

Material Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Too many tasks assigned to employees, cannot efficiently manage all of them. The Confectionery Plant is separate, the Sports Cards Operation is nice"

Memorabilia Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Great management at the lower levels. Terrible management at the higher levels. Low raises, low bonuses, little to no career advancement. Mistakes are not punished, and good reviews are ignored or not acted upon."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Topps is a highly reputable, storied brand that is unfortunately in the hands of an unequipped management team. Management has no clear mission, consistently impedes the professional progress of employees. Team-building events a thing of the past in a divided office.Strong brandHealthcare, non-competitive salary, no mobility laterally or otherwise"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"It’s a decent job but the pay could be better and the people there could’ve been nicer it wasn’t at all a good job to me it’s only a good one if u like moving in a fast pace"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Employees are out to get each other. Watch your back. While I was there it was a constant struggle to not get caught up with bickering.Pay rateFellow employees"

Digital Packaging Artist (Former Employee) says

"They didn't get together ever. Just work and home. Not a real fun place to work. Constantly being watched. I felt like I was working for Shoprite where I had to punch in like a teenager.discountspunching in like a child"

Global Assistant Controller (Current Employee) says

"Generally a good company to work for. Management is ok, not much training, treating employees alright, not much opportunities to advance due to its size."

Confectionery Specifications Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"An older company still operating without advancing technical skills.Work load and personal life balanceNo growth potential or cross training abilities"

Data Entry clerk (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Topps as a "temp" and for them direct on a temporary basis. The job was very pressurised and was solely data entry. It is a low cost, high volume, quick turn over sticker company and my day was seven solid hours of entering orders from children for the various sticker collections they sold. The work was very boring and required a high degree of accuracy as well as speed. However, what made me stay were the people I worked with. They were great...there was a lot of work done but in a very happy working atmosphere. There was no real hard part of the job and the rewards were some of the 'thankyous' you got from the children when you helped them complete their sticker collections. I also filled in as a credit control assistant whilst a colleague was on maternity leave.My hours suited my childrenIt could be very boring."

Associate Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"People and atmosphere could not be beaten, tough to get a promotion have to work many years."

customer says

"DIsappointing to say the least. Ordered a match attak bundle for my son which he wanted to buy with some money he got for Christmas but when it arrived he was very disappointed to discover that 5 of the packs with only 7 cards in had been sent instead of 5 of the packs with 15 cards in as stated in the advertisement and order. Now I have a very upset son and I am very disappointed on his behalf. This is stealing a childs money. DO NOT buy from this company EVER"

James says

"I ordered the Match Attax October tour bundle and it states on the website it comes with 5 £2 packs. I only received 5 £1 packs. I’m very disappointed with this and wouldn’t recommend Topps products."

C.S says

"I ordered a $5 item 9 days before Christmas and paid $14 for the FedEx 2 day shipping to make sure I got it in time. They didn’t ship it out until 13 days after I placed my order. I called them two times during this period to see if they can ship it out, and each time I had to wait an hour to speak to someone. The lady on the phone was very rude and rushed me off and I was told that they ship items out when they’re ready and it will get to me two days after they begin the shipping process. I really don’t know why I paid extra for faster shipping since it got to me a week after Christmas. By that point, the shipping speed didn’t matter anymore and I would have been better off saving the money or ordering elsewhere."

Christian Thomsen says

"I ordered a Champions League box 2021 for 45 pounds and i got the Match attack 20/21 festive boot bag that costs 25 pounds, so i got scammed by this company. I just send them an email, but they prob. not gonna respond. NEVER order form topps scamming company."

paul haggarty says

"Ordered 600 stickers for champions league 2021 season , 10 tins of 60 , got 300 doublers , appalling amount of doubles. Also 3 tins had the exact same 60 stickers, never got any Italian players they've obviously been held back , full Porto team and pof section empty too, I usually do panini world cup and euros and get 2 3rds full at least when I buy in bulk. But no we're near it with this album, emailed them with no reply. Avoid a total rip off. Won't be using them again."

Deborah Jackson says

"Non- responsive, take money and dont provide updates or goods. AVOID"

peter stellato says

"This company is a rip off. I ordered a Jeter card in AUGUST of 2020 and still no card. You do not need to waste your time with emails at their site they do respond to them. I have made seven calls to inquire and I keep getting the runaround that it is held up for some reason with no idea of when it will arrive. THEY DO NOT REFUND ANY OF THEIR SALES JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY BUYER BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY."

Steven Panther says

"Do not order with Topps! Customer service is a joke! Wont give you a straight answer. Wont refund the money. Boy i wish I would have read reviews before I placed a order. I've called 3 times first wait was 45 mins 2nd a hour and half 3rd was 2hours and 15 mins Then guy told me to call back in a few days. I Dont know how they stay in business!"

louis fabian says

"Terrible service take your money on 2Nd Sept still waiting don’t reply emails . When do sorry but busy oh yes so have I . Send a track number no details who being posted with let’s see if it arrives or back PayPal to handle case agsin"

George Murphy says

"DO NOT ORDER FROM TOPPS.COM. Two months order still has not arrived. They immediately charge your card, but do not ship the product. They do not respond to email inquiries and you cannot get through on customer service. Your only option is to notify your credit card company to dispute the charges. Good luck!"

Kelly Talcott says

"The customer service is virtually nonexistent. This would not be a problem if the fulfillment center actually bothered to ship what you ordered. I received what was supposed to be a replacement for an order where I was supposed to receive two Mariano Rivera cards but instead received one Rivera and one Ricky Henderson. I returned the Ricky Henderson, and then had to call again before Topps would send the missing Mariano Rivera. EXCEPT the replacement itself was incorrect! Bob Gibson is NOT Mariano Rivera! Today I called and spent a full hour on hold before being disconnected; then a second full hour before being disconnected again. Order from Topps at your peril, because if they get it wrong you will spend hours trying to get their attention to get it right."

Sophia Sullivan says

"Absolutely appalling service, my 7 year old spend his pocket money on a tin of 101 football cards and three weeks later still nothing arrived. I emailed customer service several times who eventually responded apologising and said they would provide a refund and as compensation for the inconvenience; they would send a couple of packs of football cards complimentary...months later we are still waiting, they also did not refund the postage costs even though it was no fault of ours that the tin never arrived. Really shocking service. AVOID as they will only leave your little ones disappointed."

David AJ says

"BUYER BEWARE: they charge you, they don’t send the product, then erase the order confirmation from your account, then they won’t give you a refund. Customer service is non-existent. I have all the evidence to prove it, do yourselves a favor and don’t buy anything from them until they get it together…"

Mark says

"My wife purchased some 'print me cards' and a 'mega tin' from Topps late March 2020. The 'print me cards' eventually arrived after a few weeks but as of today, 3rd June 2020 we are still awaiting delivery of the 'mega tin' and after weeks and weeks of chasing received an email from Topps saying the item is no longer available. Terrible service, they wont even refund all of the postal cost that we paid! For context, this is an item that cost £10 and they wont even provide an alternative. My 7 year old son who has been patiently waiting more than 2 months for the tin is disappointed to say the least.... Despite weeks and weeks of emails to Topps chasing, they only 'launched an investigation' on 21st May - 6 weeks after we first reported that the item had not arrived. This is a £10 tin of cards - why investigate?! - just send a replacement!!! Do not order from Topps, they are clearly not fulfilling customer orders, customer service is appalling and they leave children disappointed. Topps, feel free to contact me to resolve the issues raised."

Andrew Htfc Lesko says

"Ordered products on the 24th of April and the 30th of april 2020, the 24th of april order said 3 to 5 days, im still waiting for them to this day, they took my £21.99 and have sent me nothing, just started a retail dispute the other day about this, used this company for years an never been as bad as they are now, as far as this incident goes, when i try to call it cuts me off, ive emailed every day since the end of april, an i had a reply on the 7th of may saying it will be with me shortly, still waiting for it, shocking company, shocking customer service, my advice is avoid these like the plague, i will going forward, i now get what i can off topps espana, an recieve stuff withing 2 to 5 days of ordering. Topps uk hang your heads in shame. Embarrassing."

Tim Williams says

"Abysmal... Literally the worst company I have dealt with in my life...they made 2 errors when the sent me the card and they have not responded to any of the emails I sent them about it. No reply at all. No customer service at all. Zero. 0 stars - they do not deserve 1 star. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!! They don't even respect their customers enough to answer them."

Customer says

"I order a custom card pre Christmas that came very quickly and I was very happy but there was meant to be another card delivered as part of a special promotion. This didn't arrive, I chased for an update and then chased again without any response. It is now March and the promotion is still live on the website but still no one has responded to me. Very poor service indeed."

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